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Poster: thegrippe Date: Jan 13, 2006 7:33am
Forum: etree Subject: Cant get show to import!

I uploaded my show via FTP to add to the Archive in the correct naming format and file format (orooni2005-12-23.SBD.flac16 is a 16 bit FLAC).

It had previously said the directory I used was already being used so I added the "SBD" to the directory name via FTP renaming. Now this is the new message I get:
"If for some reason shows you uploaded appear to be missing, consider the following. All shows must be contained in their own directories
# All shows must be named similar to some etree standard (ideally abbrevYYYY-MM-DD.source.extensionf, but others like abbrevYYYYMMDD will work as well)"

Below that message I see it says "At this time this show cannot be imported into the Internet Archive because the band or artist has not yet been activated as permissible by an administrator."

What do I need to do to be able to import my show to the LMA? Please help! Thanks!

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Poster: Tyler Date: Jan 13, 2006 2:43pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Cant get show to import!

It has that error message because the band "Orooni" has not been explicitly approved for inclusion in the project:

if they have heard with the archive and are cool with it, have them send their ok (or their manager or whoever) to the admins at:


with the oK and the section will be set up .. see how on the band 'show all' page that band is in the 'pending' section, not the already approved section?

good luck getting them set up! .. in the future, upload only shows by bands that are alerady OK so that we can save space on the upload directory.


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Poster: Homeslice Date: Jan 13, 2006 8:34am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Cant get show to import!

The only time that happend to me had to do with the folder on my FTP. I thought all the files were in the folder when I was done uploading cause they appeared in order under the folder. I had to click and drag them one by one into the folder. And then it would allow me to import. You may have a different problem than I had though.